Warning! This section of the site contains explicit pictures of genitalia (ie private bits!) Don't proceed if you're under the age of 18 or if nudity offends you!

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The purpose of female genital piercings

The concept with female genital piercings (as with male genital piercings) is to enhance. The piercings listed below do not prevent sexual activities, but are meant to stimulate and arouse. These enhancements are placed to call attention to the ornamated areas and foster beauty and appreciation.

Unfortunately for us, our culture does not support genital pride! As a result, many of our female clients do not even know what the particulars of their private parts are called. Many women come to see us requesting "a clit piercing." When they are shown a photograph of where it's located they shout "Oh, NO! Not there!" Sometimes they mean inner or outer labia, other times they desire a clitoral hood piercing.
Contrary of what most of the uninitiated think, genital piercing is NOT particularly painful. The idea may be scary or strange to some, but the physical reality is brief and relatively or virtually painless. Many piercees often favourably compare genital placements to the ear lobe piercing.

Any piercing in or around the vagina is not about pain and suppression; it's about pleasure, and stimulation, and celebrating the body. Though, naturally, during healing one must engage in safer sex and avoid sharing bodily fluids.

Below is a few examples of some of the female genital piercings we perform. New examples will be added weekly so check back regularly!

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